marc-van-boom-2Vision (by Marc Van Boom) ‘Vision’ is a small word, which in fact carries an enormous impact. Vision is neither found or bought, since it finds its origins in the ritches and events of the conceptual mind and consciousness, relative to its originator.

My personal vision originated from, pure innocent and personal curious amazement as to how things work, to why they are happening and what their interactive influences are between them.

Astronomy initiated me to the concept of space and time, interconnected by the natural phenomena of their inherent micro and macro scale diversity, thereby forming the basic invisible elements of life itself.

Within the stars atoms originate and carry their own specific characteristics, developing further into clusters which join forces to create a more complex structure, namely the molecules.

Enough molecules associated under optimal conditions, can give rise to what we call ‘life’. Properly controlled by a refined ‘chemical process’ capable of reproduction, we see nature abound with natural riches throughout the entire universe.

Reproduction and refinement are the actual ‘stimuli’ given, whereby some systems become more complex than others and therefore rise one step higher on the ladder of evolution.

Language, art and ethics are the basic structural tools given to these more complex systems, namely the ‘human-brain’, in order to refine its own consciousness and develop it to the stage of ‘individual expression’.

Humans divide or differ between certain processes, which are essentially only relative to each other by method of intelligence. Realizing this aspect, has convinced me of the fact that we are dealing here with the content of a visionary intelligence, where we only appear, as the innumerable manifest of expression.

In spite of mankind’s many imperfections, such as diversities concerning their believes, viewpoints, or religions and their consequent resulting wars and worldtensions, the norms of civilization continue quietly, building their ongoing course.

Viewed on a cosmic scale, each one is of course not more than, a small grain of sand with its own consciousness attached to it. It is however the manner in which this consciousness in time will perfect itself, that will possibly predict the outcome of human history and its legacy !

(Translation: A.d.M.)